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Pruning Knife-Curved

  • Material-Stainless Steel
  • Measure-12 cm
  • Packaging-Hanged

Pruning Shears

  • Material - Carbon Steel, Forged Handle aluminum
  • Characteristics - Interchangeable Blade
  • Measure - 5 cm
  • Color - Red
  • Packaging - Blister

Pruning Shears

  • Measure-21 cm-8”
  • Handel-Forged
  • Color-red

Rangeen Plus

  • Gives attractive colour to fruits.
  • Increases fruit size and brix level.
  • Increases shelf life of fruit
  • Certified organic product.
  • Zero side effects on plant.

Rot Arrest

It is a unique formulation to control Foliar and soil borne diseases. It acts as a Bio Control for Fungal Diseases.
  • Enhances the mycocidal activity and biological stability.
  • It forms a natural protective barrier around the root zone against pathogen entry.
  • Organisms present in this formulation has the ability to produce plant growth promoting substances, which promote the plant growth and improves nutrient uptake of the plant.
  • Enhances stress resistance power of the plants and it also helps to increase the quality and quantity of yield.


SOCHO Fungal diseases controller new generation Bionanotechnological derived product.
  • Attack fungi at Multisite to offer optimum protection for superior quality.
  • Powerful management of hard-to-control diseases.
  • Early defense against disease development
  • Delivers powerful protection for yield increase.
  • Contact, translaminar, and limited xylem movement provide exceptional disease control.

Soil bio booster

SOIL BIOBOOSTER is a combination of Biofertilizer, Biopesticide, Bionematicide and few beneficial microbes. It helps to induce plant growth, controls various plant disease, pests, insects and nematodes etc.
  • Improves structure, texture, porosity and water holding capacity of the soil
  • Enhances the root growth and roots become strong.
  • The plants become resistant to disease
  • Controls the pathogenic microbial population in soil as well as increases the beneficial microbial population therefore the plants become healthy and gives better yield.
  • The plants become resistant to drought.


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Straight Blade 30 cm

  • Material-Japanese Steel SK5
  • Characteristics-Straight
  • Measure-30 x 1.3 cm
  • Packaging-Blister

Swa Urja new 25ml

A Super Bio stimulant For All Crops.
  • Free plants from climatic stress conditions.
  • Stimulates growth, induce flowering.
  • Increases fruit size, enhance crop yield.
  • Overall growth of plant at all stages.


  • Fulfill micro nutrients deficiency through soil application.
  • Better mobilization of primary and secondary nutrition.
  • Over all plant development even in delicate stages of grop.
  • Healthy crops through balance of trace elements.
  • Better utilization of primary nutrients.

Trinash Bag

  • Preventive use - 1) On saplings bed before plantation. 2) Sterile the soil before plantation of saplings by regular dose of 3nash or apply after 3-4 days after the plantation of sapling & repeat after 15 days interval.
  • Usefulness- Anti - fungal - 1) Kills harmful bacteria which forms fungi such as Fugerium & Pitheum 2) Kills fungi by altering protein synthesis
  • Nematocidal Kills Nematodes by fumigation & contact.
  • Anti - Termite Kills Termites by contact and ingestion by affecting central nervous system