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Boron is one of the essential nutrients for the optimum growth, development, yield, and quality of crops.
    • Improves fruit setting and prevent floral abortion.
    • Meets the requirements of boron in the crop that requires it.
    • Element involved in various metabolic and enzymatic processes of plant.
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Nanocrop™ Cobre provides the following advantages:
  • It acts as a chlorophyll stabilizer, improving photosynthesis.
  • It favors the assimilation of copper and prevents soil contamination and degradation.
  • It reduces the amount of copper metal required, rendering crop fertilization more effective.
  • It stimulates the natural defenses of the plant, reducing the use of fungicides.
  • It improves the general state of the crop by metabolic activation and/or through other routes, resulting in a better yield and higher quality.
  • It activates crop cell division, causing the roots to develop and grow.
  • It favors nitrogen use and protein synthesis.
  • It prevents excess copper-induced phytotoxicity.


  • Fulfill deficiency of trace elements.
  • Fastest uptake by plants due to amino acids.
  • Increases chlorophyll and boost up energy metabolism.
  • Overcome plant stress conditions.
  • Organic nitrogen brings healthy growth in plants.


  • Fulfill micro nutrients deficiency through soil application.
  • Better mobilization of primary and secondary nutrition.
  • Over all plant development even in delicate stages of grop.
  • Healthy crops through balance of trace elements.
  • Better utilization of primary nutrients.