Advantage of winter for apple farms

Apple trees are one of the best types of deciduous fruit trees to grow in cold climatic conditions because they are exceptionally resistant to freezing cold weather, chilling winds, ice and snow. Most of the apple growers in Himachal have a chilling requirement for their apple trees, anywhere from 1200 to about 1600 hours at temperatures less than 8°C. It means that trees are not normally prepared to break dormancy until this requirement is met.

Winter season does not generally damage apple tree unless it is already being damaged by the pests or apple diseases. Apple trees actually need a period of cold weather because it helps them move beyond the dormant stage. It also boosts the spring growth that is so important for a healthy tree and yield. Also it helps as a pest control because in snow most of the pests, insect’s egg, borers, worms gets killed due to cold freezing temperature, winter act as a blessing to the apple growers. Winter caring for apple trees extends past their growing season. In order to ensure that apple trees continue to bear well and remain healthy, meet their physical needs during the winter.

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