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Canker and it’s cure Organic & natural – Himachal Fruits

Canker is the most common problem in fruit growing areas

It can be suspected in plants if symptoms like sunken, water soaked or gummy in summers and monsoons these symptoms with time become darker, reddish brown to dark black and finally stem or branch die which affect all plant slowly and with time whole orchard.

1. Prune canker affects trees when they are active, reason wounds will heal faster.
2. Remove all dead limbs below affected area spray or rub it with Huwa-san®️ and treat plant cuts with paste, preferred organic make.
3. Avoid pruning when a plant is entering the dormancy.
4. Disinfect pruner / saw when using on other cuts /plants with Huwa-san®️
5. Burn all affected limbs /branches.
6. Use Bordo Plus®️ application (after harvest when leave fall and after pruning).
7. Remove grass in monsoon below affected trees for better air circulation with summer pruning, application of Huwa-san®️ will help as a fungicide also will suppress canker bacteria.
8. Soil application by drenching of Rot Arrest or Emrald Maulika ®️500 ml ➕ Emrald Nivaran®️500 ml in 200 liters will be of great benefit.
9. While application of farm yard manure or any organic manure mix V Rich®️ 150 grams per tree will help to recover roots and also will help plant to uptake nutrients it can be mixed with any organic Fertilizers.
10. Regular use of G5 Granules will be of great help.

⚠️ Avoid synthetic Fertilizers on dry sunny side areas.

Note-This method can cure canker in the initial stage, proper care of canker affected plant can increase survival of plant for few years. It’s not a onetime cure, regular care of plants must be practiced strictly.

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