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Apple Variety Gala Dark Baron® -Himachal Fruits

Gala Dark Baron® #Apple #Variety

Gala Dark Baron® apples are characterized by intense red-purple color during the harvest period. Already one month before the harvest, the fruits are colored in a distinctive color. Stalks, like fruits, have a red color. The shape of apples is spherical, very similar to the standard Gala variety.

Gala Dark Baron® -Mutation of Gala Standard

Gala Dark Baron® Tree
• Growth – middle-weak
• Flowering- 2/3 days before Golden Delicious.
• Yield – very good.
• Alternative bearing – not reported/observed.

Gala Dark Baron® Fruit
• Harvest period – begin of August.
• Storability – like Gala.
• Colour – intensive dark red.
• Covering colour in % – 100% .
• Type of colour – by intense red-purple color during the harvest period.
• Shape: spherical – somewhat elongated.

Thanks to the very early coloring of apples in red, there is no need to keep apples for a long time to paint properly. This feature gives you the opportunity to harvest fruit at the right time, without the risk of becoming too much even in the tree.

The early and unique coloring of Dark Baron® apples makes it possible to cultivate them in climatic zones where weather conditions make it difficult to achieve the proper coloring of the fruit.

The homogeneity and regularity of the Gala Dark Baron® variety is one of its greatest benefits.

Elevation – 4500 feet’s above sea level – 7500 feet’s above sea level.

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