The planting distance varies according to the variety and the fertility level of the soil. The main consideration in planting trees is planted of sufficient pollinators to ensure effective pollination. Usually one pollinator tree is needed for two to three large trees planted at 10 m distance or one row pollinator for two rows of main cultivar. For high density planting the pollinator tree is planted after every sixth tree in a row.

The most widely used planting system is the square system. In this system, the pollinators are planted after every sixth or ninth tree. The other popular system of planting is the rectangular system. In hilly areas the apple orchards are established by planting the trees on the contours so as to prevent soil erosion and reduce runoff.



Spacing(m x m)


Spur Type Seedling(crab) 5 x 5 500
Spur Type 111,MM 109 4 x 4 625
Spur Type MM 106 109 5 x 5 400
Spur Type 106 M7 3 x 3 111
Spur Type M9 2 x 2 500

(ICAR : 50 years of crop science research in India, 1996).

Pit Digging

Pits measuring 60 cm3 are dug two weeks before planting. The pits are filled with good loamy soil and organic matter (Please refer our Product Page). Planting is done in the center of the pit by scooping the soil and placing the soil ball keeping the roots intact. Loose soil is filled up in the remaining area and lightly pressed to remove air gaps. The seedlings are staked and watered immediately.