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Sh. Narender Kumar Bhaluni (Grower - Bhali, Rampur)
” I would just like to say a big thank to team Himachal Fruits for promoting such a excellent agriculture products, since i am using your products, my plants look healthy & fresh each time i use it. Thanks for giving natural,organic & environment friendly products.”
Sh. Om Praksah Chauhan(Grower, Village- Ratnari, Kotkhai)
“I have to say something to growers about Himachal Fruits, its that they seems to be true solution provider & true friends of apple grower.”
Sh. Randheer Chauhan ( Grower, Village-Shekal, Rohur)
“It’s my second year, i was introduced to Himachal Fruits by my nephew, Mr. Abhishek Chauhan they have a good selected range of products that apple growers need. Good Luck to them”.
Sh. Rana Subhash Thakur( Grower, Village - Ratnari, Kotkhai)
” Great products though i have used Megafol, and have got excellent results on fruit setting, although weather was not favorable at that time”.
Sh. Ameen Chauhan (Grower,Village-Shiroli Rohru)
“What they said they delivered, i have got results of the products & solution provided by them (Himachal Fruits), i am in touch with Rohru outlet, i have got good results. I suggest my fellow growers to try them”.
Sh. Sanjeev Thakur (Grower-Village Ratnari,Kotkhai)
“I am a first time user joined them to use there products, last year i had a bumper crop to be frank i was not sure that i will get crop this year, but i am amazed to see the results on every stage right from spur to setting, Himachal Fruits is doing good job, i support them”


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