Nivaar Pellets

Nivaar pellets is a unique organic product by combining the essence of biotechnology & techniques of chemical engineering, by enriching neem based organic manure and palletizing it for the convince of application also which gives a slow releasing effect., it act as a dual activity, as a fertilizer & pest repellent, also the neem kernel is treated before palletization, hence it act as activator as well as soil Ameliorator to Agriculture & Horticulture crop.

Contents & composition

Organic Constituents
Organic Carbon-20%-25%
Moisture Contents-06%-08%
Crude Protines-20%-25%
Crude Fiber-15%-18%
Total Ash-08%-10%
Insoluble ash-04%-06%
Oil Content-06%-08%
Mineral Constituents
Nitrogen (N)-2.5%-2.6%
Phosperous (P)-0.6%-08%
Potassium (K)-1.5%-1.8%
Calcium (Ca)-1.0%-1.4%
Zinc (Zn)-20PPM
Copper (Cu)-0.8PPM
Iron (Fe)-1000PPM