Nivaar 3000PPM Azadirachtin(0.03%)

Is an unique technology where we enrich formulations with cold processed Neem oil, Neem Kernel Extract & Azadirachtin powders so that the formulation will have all the triterpenoids & Lemonoids the synergistic effect of the above will act as repellent, antifedant, molting deterrent, also stops egg laying & egg hatching of insects. This gives our formulations of Neem as prophylactic as well as control of pests.

It works in many ways few are:

Repellant :It a proven repellant to bugs/warms/flies/animals/birds that may cause harm to produce due to its strong smell.

Insecticide-It is one of the best insecticide humans has ever known it, starve and finally kill its host e.g mealybugs, all aphids, whiteflies, thrips, scale, mites, borers etc. Also controls diseases due to virus.

Fungicide – Neem oil to effectively control many fungal diseases e.g black spot, fungus etc
Dosage-2.5ml to 5ml per liter of water.