N-GUARD is a Neem limonoids and Neem bitters based formulation which helps maximize the Nitrogen Use Efficiency of nitrogenous fertilizers like Urea, while minimizing the loss of Nitrogen by virtually eliminating the risk of volatility, nitrification and leaching.

Average increase in yield:
Rice 9.6%
Wheat 6.9%
Potato 10.5%
Sugarcane 15.5%
Cotton 10.3%
Finger Millet 6.9%

Other crops also show an increase in yield due to
use of Neem along with urea.
Source: Neem Research and Development

1000 litre tank
200 litre barrel
5 litre carboy
1 litre plastic bottle
500 ml. plastic bottle

Store in a cool,
dry place away from
direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 2 years