Potash mobilizing liquid biofertiliser
K Sol is an eco-friendly bio-input which solubilizes and mobilizes the chemically fixed soil potash and insoluble
potash compounds to an available form by separating them from the soil particles.

It enhances the availability of Mn, Fe, Mo, Bo, Zn, Cu, etc. in the soil if present in a non-available form.
It leads to early crop development by inducing early rooting and by aiding quick cell development in plants.

Soil application: 3 litres/ hectare. Applied either through a drip system or
mixed with 1 ton of organic manure, preferably leaving a 7 day gap on either
side before applying chemical fertiliser or pesticide.

Seed treatment: 5ml to 7ml per kg of seed.

Seedling dipping: Mix 50ml – 70ml in 15 litres of water
& dip the seedling for 10 minutes before transplanting.

Tree treatment: Dilute and spray @ 600 ml/hectare.