Caos XT

ComplExed calcium 100%, with Boron, and available Amino acids.

Avoid the following physiopathological Problems:
-Crop Physiopathy
-Apple Bitter-pit
-Pear Brown Skin
-Tomato, Pepper, Watermelon, Cucumber, etc. -Blosson-end-rot or Apical Necrosis
-Lettuce, Celery, Cabbage, etc. Tip burn or Foliar -Apical Necrosis
-Grapes Fruit Creep
-Cherry and Plum Cracking
-Strawberry Tip burn or Foliar Marginal Necrosis and Porous Fruit
-Porous Fruit Cotton Premature falling of capsules.

Product Description:
CAOS XT is a product with a high concentration in calcium (20% w/v) that prevents and corrects possible calcium deficiencies in all types of crops. Its special formulation, with lignosulphonated compounds and gluconic acid, allows 100% of the Calcium to be complexed.

Boron content in the product (0.9% w/v). This allows 100% of the calcium present in the product to be transported throughout the plant, including the outer ítems, leaves and fruit, which would not be possible for a product based soley on Calcuim. With Caos XT, you get excellent development of roots, stems, buds and fruit, and any organ in growth.