Micronutrient mobilizing liquid biofertilizer
BioMicro, a biological mix, is capable of mobilizing Iron, Zinc and Sulphur and making them available to the plant.
This combination of selected and compatible bacteria acts to give essential micronutrients to the plant.
Iron mobilizing bacteria efficiently make iron available to the plant. The metabolites secreted by microorganisms into the soil as strong chemical reagents and the activities of microbial enzymes are principal factors in this process.

Sulphur Mobilizing bacteria – mobilize insoluble and chemically fixed sulphates and make them available to the plant.

Zinc mobilizing bacteria – play an important role in increasing the availability of Zn in soil, thus enhancing Zn accumulation. It fortifies the soil with bacterial metabolites

BioMicro produces many organic acids like Ferric acid, Nicotinic acid, Tartaric acid,Mallic acid etc. resulting in an overall increase in the availability of important micronutrients in the rhizosphere.