BHEEMA- FUNGICIDE & BACTERIACIDE: Effective protection against wide ranging fungal and bacterial diseases on crops, vegetables and horticultural plants like Apple,Mango, Oranges etc
PHYTO-TOXICITY Overdose of formulations that contain fatty acid salts may cause a burn on the foliage of some sensitive plants. A small spray strip should be applied and observed before a full-scale application is made if there is a question concerning sensitivity.
MODE OF ACTION The formulation disperses, spreads, and activates. Alkaloids are physiologically active group of plant-derived chemicals with the property of blocking the metabolic functions of pathogens, thereby rendering them lifeless. The surface-active agents including salt of fatty acids and sulphonated natural oils help the spray spread evenly, helping to cover the affected areas and to activate the functions of alkaloids. The hydrocarbon derivatives burn the body tissues of the organisms. It also helps the spray remain active for longer time. It acts as a protective as well as a curative agent. Applications should be repeated regularly to replace the formulation that has been washed or braded away and to protect foliage produced since last application.
RECOMMENDATION FUNGAL DISEASES- Crop Targets Paddy Leaf spot, blast, bacterial leaf blight Chilies Leaf spot, leaf curling, powdery mildew Tomato Leaf spot, damping off Potato Late blight Grapes Powdery mildew, Downy Mildew Mango Powdery mildew Pomegranate Leaf spot, fruit rot, bacterial wilt Vegetables Leaf spot, fruit rot, powdery mildew Spices Capsule rot, root rot, wilt Floriculture Early blight in Apple Powdery mildew, Alternaria Solani.
BACTERIAL DISEASES- Crops Target Tomato Fruits Onion Chilli Paddy and other crops. Bacterial speck Bacterial spot ,Grey mould , White patches.
DILUTION Powder: 1.25 GM per liter of water depending on the infestation rate