AminoA Gro

AminoA Gro is an easy to use liquid natural amino acid complex formulated to be suitable for use in organic production systems

AminoA Gro is obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis obtained using high quality, stringently selected sources that guarantee the final product meets the highest quality standards

AminoA Gro is a Class A fertiliser and meets all EU standards

AminoA Gro meets Aminogram standardisation requirements and contains only fully absorbable L-α type amino acids.


AminoA Gro releases and reinforces different reactions in the plant's metabolism. Its mode of action has a similar effect to that of plant hormones and natural growth regulators.

AminoA Gro has also a significant nutritional value which complements the main bio-stimulant effect.

AminoA Gro is rich in fulvic acid which acts to stimulate root development and also, due to its low molecular weight, enhances the uptake of amino-acids by the plant.


Apply AminoA Gro when the crop is at its most active: at transplanting, flowering, formation and ripening of fruit. It is also advisable to apply in stressful situations.

Standard Application Rate

Apply at 2.5 L per ha in a minimum of 100L water