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Plant care – Seed

All starts from SEED. A seed is a small embryonic plant enclosed in a coat called the seed covering, usually with some stored food which keeps seed live. It is the product of the ripened plants which occurs after fertilization and some growth within the mother plant. The term “seed” also has a general meaning that antedates the above — anything that can be sown, e.g. “seed” apple, “seeds” of corn, corn “seeds”, what is sown is the seed enclosed in a shell or husk, whereas the potato is a tuber.

Recommendation for Planting and Germination:

The steps of seed germination when planting indoors are:

Seeds– should not hollow and old.
Soil– should be prepared by good manure, seed starting mixture should be light and sterilized.

Water– The soil should have enough moisture.
Warmth– this is where growers can add to their success. The ideal seed starting temperatures varies by type of seed. Most are between 70 to 85 degrees farenheit. Some seeds, like peas and early season vegetables, will germinate at a lower soil temperature, even as low as the 50. Sprouting seeds for other garden plants, like pumpkins and peppers, require temperatures at the higher end to induce them to sprout.

Here is our recommended step by step instructions to maximize germination:

Purchase sterilized seed starting mixture. This is a lightweight medium that has all the nutrients your seed needs at birth.
Select the right place or container .
Prepare soil and fill it in a container make sure the soil is wet.
Plant the seeds. Do not plant seed too deep. Soil can be carefully added around the seedlings at a later point if needed.
Place container where it gets enough warmth or the green house it the best option. If in the cold prone area it can be covered with a thin layer of dry grass.
The time required to germinate may be a few days to a few weeks. Germination time varies widely.

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I ordered Norfolk Island Pine seeds from a cponamy regularly seen on the web. I received in the packet, not seeds but pieces of vegetation sort of fan-shaped with no instructions as to handle these vs regular seeds so I handled them the way I would seeds and potted them in peat pots with spagnum as the medium. Only one has germinated so far. I did email the cponamy asking about the above and got no answer which will eliminate me from buying anything again from them. Howeve it is fun just to experiment with seeds. I recently found a person in my town (Greenville, SC) who deals in bonsai trees and he showed me a zip bag with moist soil and seeds which he had kept in the refrigerator for several months and it appeared that every single seed had germinated.This person has an array of items which I have purchased a few of as needed and has been very helpful.Also, I had used a Jiffy Pot tray with a heating pad which came with it, not costly and very efficient so I put some of the seeds I had ordered from brand X cponamy and which had not germinated in a bag with damp spagnum and am awaiting the results.The cponamy I purchased the seeds from made no mention of cold stratification, an interesting procedure, but helpful, if not necessary, in getting seeds to germinate.I guess the moral is to take care who we deal wih when buying anything and ask questions before ordering by phone or email.If there is no contact info my advice is not to buy from them.

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