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‘Organic farming solution for Agri problems’

Source — By FPJ Bureau | May 13, 2016 12:01 am

Ujjain : Special emphasis was laid on organic farming by agro experts from India and abroad at Krishi Kumbh during parallel session on the first day of at Ninaura on Thursday.

Agriculture experts said that solution to farmers’ agriculture-related problems lie in organic farming. The experts said that multinational companies should not be given patent rights over seeds and indigenous species should be protected and promoted to save bio-diversity. They also suggested to provide subsidy to promote organic farming and products.

Presiding over the session, scientist of CEC, Hyderabad K.S. Gopal said enumerated problems pertaining to shortage of water for agriculture, decline in soil fertility and lack of skill development among farmers. According to him, these factors are adversely affecting agriculture productivity. Afsar Jaffri of Focus on the Global South suggested that BT cotton and GM modified seeds should not be used. He said that multinational companies are trying to obtain patents rights on these seeds. Farmers are committing suicides suffering heavy losses since farming with these seeds involves greater cost. He said that use of such seeds is eliminating indigenous seeds ending our bio-diversity.

Christian Adres of Switzerland threw light on organic farming through Power-Point presentation. He informed that he learnt a lot about organic farming from Indian farmers and passed on the information to others. He informed about efforts by his institution for research, technology and gene innovation in soil and crop science sector. Marjury Pementune of Asia Pacific Research Network, Philippines threw light on food problem due to drought in his country and entire world. He informed that climate change is casting adverse impact on agriculture.

Registrar of Sanchi Buddhist and Indic Studies University Rajesh Gupta said that not only increased yield can be obtained through organic farming, but quality of product is also high. He said that mass movement is needed to promote organic farming. During question-answer session, meaningful discussions were held on organic farming. Experts stressed the need to promote animal husbandry and dairy farming to strengthen organic farming. Foreign based farmers also emphasized the need for organic farming and products. Suggestion was given to formulate an Act to prevent burning of crop residues in fields. It was also suggested to make farmers aware about climate change on a large scale.






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